Getting started with implementing a whistleblower solution

Getting started with implementing a whistleblower solution

April 26, 2022

It can be tricky to know where to start when it comes to implementing a whistleblower solution. To make it easier, we are creating this post with tips and information on how you can get started implementing a whistleblower solution.

Do you know who needs to know about your whistleblower solution?

When organizations implement a whistleblower solution, it is a good idea to keep track of who needs to be aware of it.

For organizations within the EU, one of the reasons why you need to be transparent with your whistleblower solution is the new directive that provides protection for both internal and external stakeholders who blow the whistle on suspected illegal behavior by the organization. The new laws will cover employees, former employees, contractors, trainees, shareholders, volunteers, suppliers and customers who become aware of illegal behavior in a work context.

Furthermore, persons who help to report the misconduct and third parties connected to the reporting individual who may experience reprisals in a work-related context, such as colleagues or relatives of the whistleblower, are also legally protected.

One of the most common questions we get and that often puts sticks in the wheels for organizations when implementing their internal reporting channel is, where should this reporting channel actually be available. We therefore wrote a blog post to, once and for all, provide an answer to the question "Should the whistleblower channel be on the website or intranet?"

Make sure employees are well aware of your whistleblowing solution

The exact method used to ensure that employees are aware of whistleblowing differs between organizations, but a big part of successfully implementing a whistleblower solution is that employees and employees are actually aware of its existence and how it works, not to mention that there is a legal requirement to inform about this.

At the same time, you should give them further training on what behaviors they should look for, how to report and what protection whistleblowers enjoy, in order to promote an environment where potential whistleblowers feel safe to report.

Physical media is also a great option for communicating your system. Posters, signs and other visual content in the office can help you create awareness about your whistleblower system. This is something that constantly reminds employees of its existence, which provides additional benefit.

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Make it easy with a professional whistleblower solution

Creating a whistleblower solution can be a headache for many organizations. Everything from creating a comprehensive whistleblower policy to finding a functioning, compliant and sufficiently safe whistleblower channel and independent case manager with sufficient competence. It can be a lot for an individual organization to handle.

Therefore, it can be convenient to use a professional whistleblower solution, which Visslan offers. The services range from offering external case handling to your reporting channel to a standardized whistleblower policy, to also enable you to take part in an affordable total solution that covers all needs.

In this way, you can easily access reporting routines, instructions, step-by-step guides and a checklist for launching the whistleblower solution. The easiest way to experience the simplicity is to book a free demo with us to get an insight into the services offered and how well they fit into your organization.

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