About Visslan & our history.

Visslan was started with a vision to simplify whistleblowing. With the help of leading experts as well as actual whistleblowers, several organizations have today experienced simplicity. But why? And who is really behind Visslan? Read more about us here.

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What we do.

Visslan was founded in early 2021 with the ambition of making whistleblowing easy. We saw, on the one hand, a "functionality competition" in reporting tools that does not benefit whistleblowers, case managers or the price of these solutions, and on the other hand unsustainable solutions such as email. Without bragging, we believe that we have found the golden mean.

Through our close work with hundreds of companies, we learned the challenges that HR, IT and Legal have with whistleblowing, from which we developed our standardised whistleblower policy and external reception function on top of our whistleblowing system. All with the goal of reducing your headaches, saving valuable time and avoiding paying for things you do not need.

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Meet our Advisory Board.

Visslan is supported by leading experts in data security as well as compliance, whistleblowing, corporate ethics and anti-corruption. Parts of this competence are shown in our Advisory Board, which today consists of the whistleblower Martin Woods, chairman of the Global Compliance Institute and former Head of Financial Crime at Thomson Reuters, business ethics expert Liezl Groenewald, Senior Manager at The Ethics Institute and advisor to the whistleblowing standard ISO 37002, and finally the anti-corruption expert Dr KM Loi who, for example, worked with both ISO 37001 and Transparency International Malaysia.

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Martin Woods
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Dr KM Loi
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Liezl Groenewald
“I strongly believe that Visslan’s web-based Whistleblowing platform can make not only a big difference in the world but also toward better governance, integrity, accountability and transparency” – Dr KM Loi.
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Meet our team.

We are a passionate and innovative team of lawyers, developers and entrepreneurs, all with the goal of simplifying whistleblowing, not only when it comes to complying with new laws but also to gain access to the actual benefits of whistleblowing.

Get to know us
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