How Whistleblowing Increases Transparency and Accountability

How Whistleblowing Increases Transparency and Accountability

October 21, 2021

Fostering a transparent work environment is an essential part of a company's success. We see today that companies that are actively encouraging a speak-up culture outperform companies that do not. Employees are widely viewed as the company's backbone. They are critical to the company's success as their happiness, engagement, and productivity are all dependent on them. Transparency has numerous advantages, ranging from a significant rise in staff engagement and productivity to an improvement of customer relations.

Whistleblowing promotes a transparent and accountable work environment which helps the company be more efficient by preventing both illicit activities and undesirable behavior. It generates a sense of comfort among employees, allowing them to communicate their concerns and feel valued and encouraging creativity openly.

Whistleblowing plays an integral part in workplace openness, despite its poor reputation, with long-held ideas about "snitching", "being a grass", or "playing against the team" weighing heavily on the minds of potential whistleblowers and discouraging them from speaking up.

Employees thrive from workplace transparency because it provides a sense of fairness in how they are managed and rewarded. Transparency is necessary for a sense of justice in the workplace because it allows for issues, for example, favoritism or inconsistency, to be handled effectively.

Because whistleblowing encourages openness, it ensures that employers are not breaking the law, engaging in questionable or unethical activities, or otherwise engaging in something heinous that they might be unwittingly linked with.

Blowing the whistle has always been the morally and ethically correct thing to do.  It is critical to emphasize workplace transparency and employees' ability to speak up when necessary.

Visslan is supporting this by providing a system that helps companies handle and enable whistleblowing efficiently and promote this new era of transparency.

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