How a Whistleblowing Function Can Provide ROI

How a Whistleblowing Function Can Provide ROI

March 1, 2024

Companies' integrity and transparency are increasingly scrutinised, and legal requirements regarding available whistleblowing functions are tightening. Many managers in small and medium-sized companies, which are now required by law to have a whistleblowing function in place, may initially see the cost of implementing it as just that - a cost. But is it really true, or is it a long-term investment that protects the company's assets, reputation, and future profitability? In this blog post, Alice Holmgren from Adligo discusses why a whistleblowing function, even when not being subject to the legal requirement, should be seen as an investment rather than a cost.

Protection against financial losses

A concrete example of how a whistleblowing function operates as a cost-effective strategy is its ability to prevent financial losses. By encouraging a culture where employees feel safe to report irregularities, companies can identify and address potential financial misconduct or fraud early on. This means the company can avoid significant losses that could arise if these problems were allowed to continue to grow unnoticed.

Prevention of legal costs

Whistleblowing systems also provide important protection against legal costs. When employees report problems internally first, it gives the company the opportunity to address these issues before they escalate to a point where external regulatory authorities or legal actions become involved. The legal costs, fines, and sanctions that may arise from regulatory violations can be devastating, especially for smaller companies.

Preservation of the company's reputation

A strong corporate reputation is invaluable, and a whistleblowing function helps protect this reputation by preventing scandals. Damage to a company's reputation can result in lost customers, partnerships, and revenue. By addressing problems internally and proactively, companies can avoid negative headlines and maintain customer trust.

Attracting and retaining talent

Companies that demonstrate a clear commitment to ethical principles and transparency are more attractive to both current and potential employees. An available whistleblowing function signals to employees that the company values integrity and fairness. This can not only help attract top candidates but also contribute to reducing turnover, which in turn saves costs for recruitment and training.

Strengthening investor and customer confidence

Finally, investors and customers today are increasingly interested in how companies manage ethics and compliance. By demonstrating a clear commitment to these areas through a whistleblowing function, companies can strengthen the confidence of these key stakeholders. This confidence is crucial for securing investments and retaining the customer base, which directly impacts the company's profitability and growth.

In summary, the investment in a whistleblowing function should not be seen as a mere cost but as a critical component of the company's risk management strategy. The money spent on implementing this function not only protects the company's assets and reputation but also ensures its long-term sustainability and success. For small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as startups, this represents a wise and cost-effective investment in the future.

About Adligo

Adligo is a Swedish tech company that has developed a cloud-based management tool for organisations, businesses, and teams. 

The tool is designed to help those who lead others to organise individual employees and entire workgroups. All technology is developed in-house.

The company's concept is based on experiences and knowledge acquired by the founders from leading people in the Swedish business community. 

Developed by managers, for managers and employees. 

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