Welcome to Visslan!

You will soon get access to your new whistleblowing system.

In a few minutes, the case handlers will get an activation link to the platform. In the meantime, here's a short guide for what will happen now. We hope you enjoy the trial period!

Has it been over 5 minutes and the case handlers haven't received their activation email?
Contact us!

What's the next step?


We'll soon contact you for an onboarding of Visslan, live or recorded is up to you.

It's good if the case handlers can be present during the meeting. Onboarding is of course not obligatory, but completely free of charge.

Whistleblowing policy

If the policy is currently free or if you have chosen to purchase it, you will get access to the whistleblowing policy after the trial period.

In it, you will find instructions, step by step-guide and checklist for launch. Read it through and make adjustments so that it will fit your company.

Prepare launch

It's important that the whistleblowing channel is being presented with the policy, preferably on your public website (or else your intranet).

We'll give you tips on how you can prepare the launch, which are also written in the policy instructions.

System configuration

Would you rather like the system in a different language? No problem! Check out our user manual.

Don't forget to enable 2 Factor Authentication and save your Account Recovery Code somewhere safe.

Present the system

When your whistleblowing policy is complete, case handlers are onboarded and a test-case has been submitted, you are ready to present the system to your employees.

Make sure to reach everyone that needs to be able to make a report. Great work!


Don't hesitate to contact us.

We're here to make it easy for you to implement and use your whistleblowing channel

Contact us
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