“All we needed and simple implementation”

“All we needed and simple implementation”


The publicly-traded company Eurocon was founded in the 90s and is today a technology consulting company with over 250 employees, several subsidiaries and sustainability in focus. Åsa Söderström, IT Manager for 25 years, tells why they chose Visslan as their whistleblowing solution.

What do you do in your role as IT Manager?

“As IT Manager at Eurocon, I am passionate about technology and people and to find solutions that use technology and IT in the best way, where I work close to the business. I like to look at new methods and applications that can safely develop our business and automation is an example of that”, explains Åsa Söderström.

What requirements are put on you as a company listed on the stock exchange?

Åsa emphasises the importance of security and transparency and says that a data leak would have a very negative effect on the company, both from a customer point of view and also for their own employees.

“As a listed company, it is extremely important that we do not leak information, whether it is internal data or personal data, and Visslan's solution fits in well with that since it complies with EU Whistleblowing Directive and GDPR, is encrypted, penetration tested and completely anonymously.”

Why did you want to implement a whistleblower function?

“Apart from being a legal requirement in the future, we want to be a company with good morals and ethics and where you can feel safe. Both as a customer and an employee. And the prerequisite for that is partly that you can report irregularities completely anonymously in order to really capture even the cases that are sensitive in different ways."

Another reason was to support their continuous work with corporate culture. As a consulting company, the staff is extra important and the opportunity to correct any irregularities is important. “We want an open and permissive climate that includes everyone. This makes it extra important that our employees can report in a secure and anonymous manner IF there are any irregularities.”

Why did you choose Visslan?

“Visslan’s solution was simple and affordable. All the functions we requested were there and the user interface makes it easy to understand how to report”, says Åsa.

She also emphasises the importance of not making it complicated to report wrongdoings or irregularities, although of course it is hoped that reporting won’t be necessary in the first place.

Another reason Åsa points out is that they wanted to avoid yet another system to maintain and that she generally does not like solutions that are made more advanced than they have to be. Therefore, they finally decided to go with Visslan.

Finally, how did you experience the implementation of Visslan?

“The implementation was very simple. There was no need to install or set it up locally and all we needed was a short meeting with instructions on how it works. In addition, we received ready-made policies that we can easily adapt and use in the company. So the implementation was very quick", Åsa concludes.

Now their work continues to help companies to sustainable complete solutions that create long-term benefits and the creation of a safe and open corporate culture - a work that Visslan is happy to support.

Read more about the Eurocon Group at www.eurocon.se

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