How to make sure your whistleblowing solution is user-friendly

How to make sure your whistleblowing solution is user-friendly

April 17, 2022

Implementing a whistleblowing solution is a good idea, and will soon be a requirement for European companies and organizations with more than 50 employees. But a whistleblower solution is only good for the organization if it is actually effective and used by the employees. Continue reading to learn more about how to make your whistleblower solution user-friendly.

Explain the 'why'

An important first step is to make sure that employees understand why the company introduces these channels and its purpose. It is important to consider the concerns employees may have and address them, and at the same time answer any questions they have about blowing the whistle.

When employees are aware of why the solution exists, the chance that they choose to use it when needed also increases. Explain which matters are considered whistleblowing, both legally and with regard to internal organizational policies, versus matters that are to be reported via other processes or channels, or whether these should be reported in the same channel if you decide to do so. It is also a good idea to describe the type of information that should be included.

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Go through the process with the employees

Companies need to make sure that employees understand how they should report malpractice, and what happens to their report once they submit it. It is also important to address what happens if a whistleblower is identified, and what protections are available. This can most easily be done with a whistleblower policy

Even with the anonymous tool, employees may be afraid of being recognized, and these concerns should be addressed and answered. Go through the security aspects of the system, things like data encryption and data protection, passwords, no tracing of the whistleblower's identity and so on.

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Put a positive attitude on whistleblowing

Many people associate whistleblowing with big cases like Snowden and everything he went through, or think that they will be hated by their colleagues and bosses. It is therefore a good idea to present whistleblowing in a positive light. It is something that is there for you as an organization to thrive, and for all employees to feel safe and comfortable.

It’s also good to instead mention all the benefits of whistleblowing and how it is used to make workplaces better. Here, too, it can once again be mentioned that there is an opportunity to be completely anonymous and that there is a strong sense of secrecy around those who blow the whistle.

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Regular reminders

Implementation is not the last step. It is important to regularly remind employees of the system. This will ensure that even people who have never reported anything know about the system and how to use it. We usually recommend that this is done approximately once a quarter (but at least once a year) and when onboarding new employees and the like.

By having a quick review sometime a year, you make sure that everyone is up to date and aware of how to report something when needed. You want to avoid situations where someone has something to report, but does not dare to, due to fear of making mistakes or uncertainty about how it will go.

Visslan offers a simple & flexible solution

When you choose to let the Visslan handle your whistleblowing solution, you make it easy for yourself. We offer a straightforward and efficient solution where unnecessary administration has been eliminated. We offer everything you need without hassle and make it easy and smooth for you as an organization to handle whistleblowing, from whistleblower policy to reporting channel and external reception function if desired.

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